Geltzeiler: Wizards could shop for John Wall trade

Brian Tinsman
April 20, 2018 - 9:53 pm

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Wizards have a fever and the only prescription might be trading one of the most talented players in franchise history.

On Thursday, writer and SiriusXM host Brian Geltzeiler told CDVTW on 106.7 The Fan about the murmurs he's heard from around the NBA.

"There's something sick from the inside out on this team," he said, referring to the Wizards. "They are so much more talented than an eight seed. That's a top-four talented team in the Eastern Conference, and they end up in the eight seed.

"Now, Toronto, which to me is the best team in the East, are kicking their backsides. But they're not kicking their backsides because they're so much more talented--Toronto wants it more."

Geltzeiler explained why the team actually played better when Wall was out for a prolonged part of the regular season, and how they have slipped back into the same problems with his return.

"You've got a toxic mix and it doesn't take a rocket scientist, Chad, to look at what this team was doing and how unselfishly they played as a group in the absence of John Wall. Then Wall comes back and all the same problems exist all over again," he said. "John Wall is a great example of when you look at a guy's assist numbers, they don't always tell the story of a guy's willingness to share the basketball.

"The old, 'everybody eats' theme that [Bradley> Beal had pushed forward when [Tomas> Satoransky started at point guard and Wall was out, had the ball moving around and a lot of guys really happy. When you're really happy and you're seeing the ball as much as you want, and the ball is moving, you work harder on defense.

"The team approach is much better on defense when you feel like you're a part of things."

With Wall back in the lineup, ball movement has tailed off, with Wall making the ultimate decisions on who shoots. Geltzeiler notes how this has a dampening effect on the whole team.

"Wall, this guy dominates the ball every possession...He's not starting a ball moving sequence. He's trying to find that final pass," he said. "So, what you have is a guy who isn't really all that well liked on his team, that's a self-proclaimed leader, when maybe some of the guys on the team want another guy to be the leader, in Bradley Beal, and he's dragging down the team from an effort standpoint.

"Now listen, am I letting some of these other guys off the hook for maybe not playing defense as well as they should? I probably am, but y'know what, John Wall is the head of the snake. There's a lot of stuff here, from a leadership standpoint, that Wall has not done all that well with this team."

Geltzeiler called the team a "chemistry mess" that coach Scott Brooks inherited and said a shakeup could come this offseason in the form of a trade near the NBA Draft.

"John Wall appears to be a player right now who isn't all that coachable. I think that's a much bigger issue for the Wizards, and I'll tell you, I've talked to some people around the league and Wall has got a huge extension that's coming down the pike here, it would not surprise me one bit if we came around the draft time and start to hear rumors of John Wall being shopped," he said. "Keep one thing in mind--that's a huge extension an enormous extension, but I'll tell you this--if Blake Griffin, with his health situation and his knees, and that contract extension, got traded for a package, John Wall could get traded easily."


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