Gibbs is a sight for sore eyes, nothing more

Brian Tinsman
December 30, 2018 - 7:04 pm

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports


The Washington Redskins' white knight, legendary coach Joe Gibbs, returned to the sidelines on Sunday afternoon, but it was before the game started and he was gone before kickoff. 

No, he almost certainly will not be returning to the team in any capacity this offseason. He was just here as a fan, a friend, and a reminder of better times.

But that didn't stop lots of hungry fans on Twitter from speculating about what he talked about with Doug Williams, walking down the Redskins' sideline before the game. It's hard to imagine that there's anything to say after a season like this.

Not surprisingly, Gibbs remains close with team owner Dan Snyder and even warmly embraced his former boss:

Gibbs twice left the Redskins for health reasons and to focus on his NASCAR team. It was shocking for him to return for a second run, especially after entering the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It's hard to believe that there's any desire to come back for another run.

106.7 The Fan personality Grant Paulsen tried to explain the moment to the masses on Twitter:

And yet for others, it was sort of like hitting rock bottom and running into the ex that got away in the grocery store. It's nice to see them, but you almost wish you hadn't:

Good to see you, Joe, but please, save yourself.


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