GIF: Are you more of a Jay Gruden or Trey Quinn?

Brian Tinsman
August 30, 2018 - 9:58 pm

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


There are two kinds of people in life: Jay Grudens and Trey Quinns.

Quinn has been called many things in his short NFL career, from Mr. Irrelevant to "the silent assassin." On Thursday night, Quinn was anything by irrelevant or silent, snatching three receptions for 43 yards midway through the third quarter. Two of those went for a first down, one of which he celebrated emphatically:

Quinn is excited and why not? He seems likely to make the roster and made the most of every opportunity this preseason. Even if the Redskins cut him with hopes of stashing him on the practice squad, he has put enough on film to land with one of 31 other teams around the league.

He's appropriately excited.

Meanwhile, Gruden was on the other end of the emotional spectrum, enjoying a three-second yawn on broadcast TV:

Gruden has a tough 48 hours ahead, judging film, making difficult phone calls and riding the rollercoaster of roster cutdowns. In the meantime, he seems pretty relaxed.

So which one are you? More of a Trey Quinn or a Jay Gruden?


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