Harper rocks D.C. headband, U.S. armband

Brian Tinsman
July 16, 2018 - 10:10 pm

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


Reading the tea leaves on Bryce Harper's free agency destination has become a sport unto itself, with every little gesture and nuance up for debate.

But for those who want Harper to stay in D.C. and believe that he wants to, Monday night was a banner moment.

It is likely that most Americans have no idea what the Washington, D.C. flag looks like, so Harper wrapped it around his head and wore Old Glory on his sleeve:

Harper proceeded to mash the baseball in the first round, crushing 13 dingers and eliminating opponent Freddie Freeman:

By advancing to the second round, Harper inspired a generation of Twitter comedians with the same joke: finally the Nats got out of the first round. Zing!

Harper also compared favorably to the field after round one. He hit two of the top-three longest home runs and five of the top-10:

The first half of the season was a tough one for Harper, as he struggled to hit for average and finally get into the groove. While there is usually concern that the Home Run Derby can hurt a player's swing, this might be just what the doctor ordered for the hometown slugger.


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