'Joe the Rooster' sounds ready for new Redskins wager

Brian Tinsman
September 09, 2018 - 8:30 pm

106.7 The Fan


Chris "Joe the Rooster" Russell has a dark fantasy of walking from the 106.7 The Fan studios in Washington, D.C., out to Redskins Park in suburban Ashburn, Virginia. 

That's why he has wagered, yet again, a Redskins-based scenario where he would walk to Ashburn. This time, it's based on if the Redskins can complete a perfect regular season:

Never mind that this might be some of the most under-construction, traffic-riddled, sidewalk inaccessible stretches of asphalt in the country. Russell is going to end up making the walk at some point.

Last year, upset that USA TODAY predicted the Redskins would finish 5-11, Rooster swore that he would make the walk if they didn't beat the mark.

It took until Week 15 for the Redskins to secure their sixth victory of the season, bailing Russell out on his bet. In a moment of relief, Russell told Grant and Danny on 106.7: "I’m done making bets."

That lasted exactly one commercial break before Grant got Rooster to agree to "lead a parade down Half Street, from Bonchon to the centerfield gates of Nationals Park, waving a Redskins flag, and we all stand on the side of the street clapping as you throw candy at us" if the Redskins fired Bruce Allen.

Of course, Russell agreed: "From the Bonchon to the centerfield gates? That’s like two blocks. Oh, absolutely. I’ll do whatever you want in that regard."

This isn’t the first time that Russell lost a Redskins-related bet.

In 2014, he said he would resign from another radio job if the Redskins signed DeSean Jackson. If not for a benevolent station manager who declined his letter of resignation, Russell would have been unemployed.

How will his gambling ways play out for the Rooster in 2018? Here's to a perfect season.


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