Josh Norman came to mash at Celebrity All-Star Game

Brian Tinsman
July 15, 2018 - 10:12 pm

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports


Josh Norman is accustomed to suiting up on Sundays, but he usually reports to the gridiron instead of the diamond.

This Sunday was an exception, as Norman took part in the MLB All-Star Week's Legends & Celebrities Softball Game at Nationals Park, representing the local football team in front of the national baseball crowd.

For what it's worth, the All-Pro cornerback and world-class trash-talker came in with some brash predictions.

"This was actually the first sport that I actually played, to be honest with you," Norman told Darren Haynes of WUSA-9. "It just brings back memories every time you have that bat in your hand. It's like riding a bike.

"People asked me what I'm going to do today and I'm going to start off with a low (goal): a minimum of five. Five home runs. Let's start off low. That's a low mark.

Cracking into a broad smile, he said, "No, I'm just playing."

Meeting his counterpart on the legends team, Norman snapped a selfie with Yankees legend Bernie Williams:

He also flashed a little bit of skill in the very public pre-game batting cage sessions: 

It doesn't hurt that U.S. Women's Softball legend Jenny Finch was there to watch him warmup:

Back in the clubhouse, he got the locker next to Bill Nye, who he credits as a childhood hero and the celebrity he was most excited to meet:

He then got a hero's welcome from the hometown crowd before the game started:

In addition to the early single that he hit, Norman also pitched for the National team.


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