Josh Rosen jerseys hit bargain bin in Arizona

Brian Tinsman
March 06, 2019 - 11:07 pm

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports


Even if the Arizona Cardinals haven't given up on quarterback Josh Rosen, the Nike store in Tempe reportedly has.

According to Bo Brack of 910 AM The Drive, Rosen jerseys at the local Nike store are now selling for more than 60 percent off, which is generous even if he was no longer with the team.

At this point, Rosen is still with the team and remains the top option available. That could change as soon as the new league year starts next week (if Rosen is traded) or at the NFL Draft (if the team selects Kyler Murray or another top quarterback with the No. 1 overall pick).

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The breakup seems to be at least Instagram official, as Rosen scrubbed the Cardinals from his Instagram account:

So what does that have anything to do with D.C. sports? If Rosen moves this offseason, the Redskins are expected to be interested shoppers.

The dots are all there to be connected: the Redskins need a quarterback, preferably with upside, and definitely at a bargain price. Rosen fits the mold.

The Cardinals are less than a year removed from trading up the draft board to select Rosen in the first round. He had a brutal rookie season, but that's not uncommon. If the front office likes how he fits in the scheme and head coach Jay Gruden thinks his staff can unlock Rosen's potential, then a deal makes sense, even if it costs the Redskins their No. 15 overall pick. 

That's just the price of doing business at the league's most important position.

Perhaps (and perhaps not) it's worth noting that Vegas believes that the Redskins will acquire Rosen, giving them better odds than any other team:

This is at least the second quarterback that Vegas predicted the Redskins would acquire this offseason, with them initially leading the odds for Nick Foles (which won't happen).

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But let's say that the sportsbook odds have some foundation in reality. Of the top five teams listed as suitors, the Redskins have by far the worst quarterback situation. Alex Smith's career could be over, and Colt McCoy is unlikely to become an NFL-caliber quarterback overnight.

The Dolphins and Raiders are in a similar position of looking to shed a quarterback who has become ineffective. Ryan Tannehill leaving Miami looks like a done deal, while Derek Carr leaving Oakland seems less likely, given his contract.

The Patriots and Chargers are both intriguing additions to the list, as both Tom Brady and Philip Rivers are entrenched starters without an heir apparent. Would either of those teams pay a high draft pick for a luxury addition?

Perhaps we'll find out. But if Rosen ends up getting dumped this offseason, just remember that the Nike store manager who authorized the sale in Tempe called it first.

It's been a long offseason already.


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