Local school board asks Redskins to sign Kaepernick

Brian Tinsman
December 13, 2018 - 11:58 pm
Colin Kaepernick

Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images


Seven of 13 Board of Education members in Prince George's County have used their positions of influence to try to convince Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder and the team's front office to sign free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Their desires were spelled out in an open letter to the team, first reported by ABC-7's Anna-Lysa Gayle:

It's unclear if the letter was sent on official Board of Education letterhead, but the content of the letter is certainly interesting. Here are some of the notable points and requests:

1. "Our view is that the Washington Football Team needs to give Colin Kaepernick an opportunity to join the team in a form of a try-out, and need to do so immediately." Keep in mind that the team has two quarterbacks currently on the roster, including starting quarterback Josh Johnson, an African American. There are no current roster spots open, so there would need to be a corresponding move to add Kaepernick.

2. "Historically this organization shown (sic) leadership in the National Football League." They go on to cite Doug Williams being the first black quarterback to make it to or win the Super Bowl. They ignore the fact that the Redskins were also the last team to racially integrate and that the current ownership has resisted changing the team name in the face of considerable social pressure.

3. "As school board members, not standing for the national anthem wouldn't cost us the opportunity to work, and it shouldn't cost him either." While true, there are also other differences between being a school board member and professional football player.

4. "We look forward to hearing from you, and getting this done for the benefit of Prince Georgians and Redskins fans everywhere." This is the first mention of the Redskins name in the letter. It's impossible to know whether this was by accident or design.

Given that the Redskins have resisted much louder calls for Kaepernick's opportunity, it's unlikely that the Board of Education in the county where they play home games will tip the scales.

The Redskins will try their hand with Johnson this weekend and try to salvage what's left of a once-promising season. 


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