Nats' Erick Fedde eating his way through the offseason

Brian Tinsman
December 02, 2018 - 8:53 pm

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports


"You can’t get up from the table until you finish your food." It's a familiar line for parents of picky eaters, but it also applies to top pitching prospects tasked with finding a role in the Major Leagues.

Erick Fedde has 14 career starts for the Washington Nationals and enters a bit of a make or break season in 2018. He has a chance to seize the rotation spot vacated by Gio Gonzalez, and he has a plan to do it.

Eating. And lifting some weights, but especially eating. His goal is to pack on nearly 25 pounds to his wiry, 6-foot-4, 180-pound frame. Thirty pounds would be even better, heading into a critical Spring Training audition.

"My girlfriend, Kate, has been on me constantly. I eat like five to six meals a day, and just lifting has been a little bit heavier this year," he told MASN's Byron Kerr. "Just trying to really get some strength, and so far I feel really great and I think it’s going well."

So far, he says he has added at least 15 pounds, which gets him up just north of his officially listed weight of 195. However, Fedde is naturally thin and has to work to keep the weight and his strength high. Whatever helps him win a job, keep a job, stay healthy and succeed at the highest level.

"I’ve had a couple seasons now and things that I’ve been doing that haven’t quite worked," he admitted. "Now I’m going about it in a very different manner. Before was going more for the limber and lean look and now I’m just trying to get bigger.

"I look around the clubhouse, and especially in the starting rotation, there are a lot of really big dudes. I am trying to look a little more like them and see if I can get through this season."

Last season, Fedde got a midseason chance to fill in for the injured Stephen Strasburg. During that stint, he suffered a shoulder injury that kept him out of the majors for two months. Now, he hopes to look more like Strasburg, who tips the scales at 235.

If only we all had an excuse to bulk up around the holidays.


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