Scandrick offers cash for Redskins' first takeaway

Brian Tinsman
August 09, 2018 - 8:18 pm

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


The Washington Redskins have made a habit of collecting outspoken defenders in recent seasons, with new veteran Orlando Scandrick joining a cast that also includes Josh Norman and D.J. Swearinger.

Scandrick had an interesting comment before the Redskins' first preseason game vs. the New England Patriots, standing in the huddle with his teammates:

"I got $500 for the first turnover," he said. That's a seemingly harmless comment, but it also sounds eerily similar to a bounty. Enough so that I looked up the rule.

Six years ago, the NFL made an example of the New Orleans Saints for the bounty program run by then-defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. The bounty program was so scandalous because Williams was paying his players for inflicting injuries on opposing players. However, bonuses were also paid out for big plays, takeaways, sacks, etc. The first part was a problem; the latter was not.

The NFL's position on Bountygate was that cash incentives for superior play were admissible "as long as players use their own money and the amounts players pledge aren't exorbitant." By that definition, Scandrick's offer seemingly meets both criteria and is totally legal.

Six years removed from a contrived scandal, it's still a little strange to hear about pay-for-play offers in the NFL.


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