Rays get really petty beating the Nats

Brian Tinsman
June 26, 2018 - 10:34 pm

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports


No one likes a sore winner.

Tampa Bay Rays closer Sergio Romo is apparently a sore winner with a long memory, and spent Tuesday afternoon inventing an interleague feud that quite clearly does not exist.

Or at least it didn't before he decided to celebrate his save by yelling at Michael A. Taylor, then hiding behind some teammates to jaw at the rest of the Nats, as the benches of both teams emptied out onto the field.

After eight months of professional hockey, it's hard to watch "fights" in other sports, especially baseball. It's a rare treat to see even once punch get thrown in a baseball brawl, but this fight more closely resembled a middle school dance where the coaches played the role of chaperones to make sure nobody touched.

Unlike a middle school dance, nobody wanted to touch, because this was not a fight worth having.

The Nationals and Rays hail from different leagues and don't even play each other every year. Any bad blood tends to clot quickly because many of these players won't be around the next time these teams play.

Romo's indignation with Taylor presumably stems from the last time the two teams played and Taylor stole third base while the Nats were up by seven runs.

That's a baseball nothingburger. Even an unspoken baseball rules evangelist can't get excited about that.

What is perhaps most interesting about this kerfuffle is that MASN announcer Bob Carpenter actually knew why Romo was mad. It's Carpenter's job to know obscure things, but even Taylor looked a bit perturbed as he stared out at Romo.

"I understand the situation: they’re upset I stole a base at home in the sixth inning [back in D.C.>," Taylor told the media after the game. "In my mind, you saw how many runs they scored with nine outs yesterday. So, the game’s not over. Obviously, they think differently, but I’m not worried about that.

"We lost the game. That’s the only thing that upsets me. The talking and things like that, I’m not big on drama, so it’s whatever."

Nats manager Dave Martinez was quick to sprint out of the dugout when Romo started jawing and made his feelings clear after the game.

"Sergio was a little upset that we ran on him at home, which I didn’t find a big deal," Martinez said afterward. "If he gets mad, he should get mad at me, but don’t show up one of our players.

"I know (Rays manager) Kevin Cash, he’ll take care of that over there. Don’t do that. He’s been in this league long enough to know you don’t do that kind of stuff."


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