Redskins Exec: 'I understand where Josh is coming from'

Brian Tinsman
November 18, 2018 - 12:00 pm

Patrick Smith/Getty Images


The Redskins' top business officer and COO Brian Lafemina heard Josh Norman loud and clear in the locker room last week in Tampa.

The team likes playing on the road. The players are sick of hearing the boo birds at home. There is no home field advantage.

While Lafemina probably wishes Norman had expressed his frustrations in a different way, he stood by the player in his conversation with 106.7 The Fan beat reporter Craig Hoffman this week.

"I understand where Josh was coming from. We had just finished a great team win down in Tampa and he heard thousands of Redskins fans cheering for him," Lafemina said. "It’s very exciting when you’re on the road and get that kind of support and moments later…talking about what it’s like playing at FedExField, he said, 'It’d be great if we got that fanbase up and super loud.'

"I think what he meant was we want a dominant home field advantage and that’s what we’ve been working on on the business side since I got here in June. I think in the first media session I did, I talked about how that was something we wanted to improve upon."

The Redskins have stated a belief that the business apparatus of the organization needs to improve alongside the product on the field. That's the only way to get fans to regain their trust in the Redskins. 

"There are a million things to do. We’re going after them methodically, but what I want our fans to know is we need you," Lafemina said. "Our players need you. I think that’s what Josh was really saying."

The Dan Snyder Effect:

Lafemina also praised the role of team owner Dan Snyder, who has been a popular target for fan angst in the past. Lafemina's hire in June was seen as a step in the right direction as far as hiring the people necessary to turn things around.

"I think Dan’s playing the role that he needs to play, which is hiring people who hopefully are going to do a great job," Lafemina said. "I look to make sure that I live up my end of that bargain and the people that I’ve hired since I’ve been here. Giving us the resources and giving us his blessing to do the things that need to be done.

Repeating a familiar refrain, Lafemina added: "I’ve said this before – nobody wants to win more than Dan Snyder. It's been great working with him and for him. And he’s given me everything I could ask for to get this job done. I think from that standpoint, I couldn’t ask for any more and I think our fans should recognize that as well. You can make it about me and the guys that I’ve hired all you want, but at the end of the day, the person who made that decision is the guy who owns the team."

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