Redskins' Guice would visit Trump White House

Brian Tinsman
May 18, 2018 - 12:44 am

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Derrius Guice has never played a down in the NFL, but when prompted with what he would do if he hypothetically received an invitation to the White House after winning the Super Bowl, he had no reservations.

"If I get the chance, yeah. That's the chance of a lifetime," he told TMZ in a video filmed at LAX. "They've got a lot of history in that White House.

"Regardless, I would be there."

President Donald Trump has presided over one of the most polarizing periods in recent American politics, as almost every facet of culture in America has split along the partisan divide.

Despite this, Guice sounds content to focus on his job on the gridiron first and foremost.

"I mean, he's running this country,' he reasoned. "What do you want me to do? Hate a guy that's running this country? I stay in my lane, he stays in his."

It's an interesting perspective for an NFL rookie.

Over the last two seasons, the NFL has arguably misplayed the National Anthem protests, alienating fans on both sides of the aisle and setting the stage for a divisive Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiation with players. 

That situation, long-simmering behind closed doors, was brought to the forefront last fall when Trump, while addressing a crowd of supporters, called out NFL owners and players for not standing during the anthem. Unprompted, he announced that if he was an owner, he would fire any "son of a b----" that chose to kneel during the anthem.

The NFL responded with great exhibitions of unity, but little other meaningful progress. Television and streaming device ratings are down again, which affects the economics of the league and its players, including the loss of at least one major sponsor.

It could be argued that this situation came from Trump swerving out of his lane. But that doesn't bother Guice, at least not yet.

Asked if he wanted Trump to attend a Redskins game this season, something he has yet to do as a sitting president, Guice said: "Yeah, sure. If he wants to come? No doubt."

Guice also answered questions about his jewelry, agent and relationship with Lil Wayne. Asked how he intends to spend his first big NFL paycheck, Guice revealed his own frugality.

"I'm very conservative," he said with a grin, "and cheap."


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