Redskins-Jets kick off joint practices with huge brawl

Brian Tinsman
August 12, 2018 - 10:44 pm

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


If you could pick a fistfight with someone on the Washington Redskins, would you pick Trent Williams or Morgan Moses?

Apparently, for one unlucky member of the New York Jets, the answer was 'yes,' and Williams and Morgan got into what has become an annual tradition at training camp in Richmond.

Redskins beat reporter for 106.7 The Fan, Craig Hoffman, literally had to run out of the way of what turned into a tornado of punches between the two teams, as it swept along the sidelines, interrupting practice.

"On the first play of a team period, a toss play to Chris Thompson ended with Morgan Moses being cut (a dangerous low block on offensive linemen). Trent Williams didn't like what he saw and it was on," Hoffman reported after the fact. "The brawl started on the sideline and quickly moved down towards where I was sitting.

"You can see me making sure I don't get trucked in some of the videos that made it out, and then it went into the stands."

"That was scary, because it legit fell into the stands and they're lucky nobody got hurt," Hoffman continued. "Williams threw a punch that would've got him ejected from a game. He's not the only one."

"Once they finally broke it up, they resumed and about three plays later Moses, apparently, found whoever cut him and went after him on the other sideline (between the fields)," Hoffman reported. "Moses was eventually escorted off by Jay Gruden and Trent Williams."

But that wasn't all, as a few other scuffles broke out later between some of the biggest men on the field.

"The next scuffle was actually between Ty Nsekhe and Brandon Copeland in OL/DL one-on-ones. All of the fights happened between the Redskins' offense and the Jets' defense," Hoffman said. "There was a near brawl between Josh Norman and Terrelle Pryor, but Josh squashed it before it got started."

Veteran tight end Vernon Davis, who had a front row seat to the transgression against Moses, also gave his two cents on the issue, placing the blame squarely on the Jets:

Running back Chris Thompson gave a very pragmatic overview of the situation, but said avoiding unnecessary injuries should always be the goal:

He also elaborated more with Hoffman, one-on-one:

With several more days of practice between the two teams, it's important that everyone figure out how to get along. Ryan Kerrigan, who was not involved in the scuffle, hopes everyone got the bad blood out already:


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