Report: Colin Kaepernick would play for Redskins

Brian Tinsman
December 09, 2018 - 6:34 pm
Colin Kaepernick

Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images


Until the Washington Redskins find an answer at quarterback, the questions will remain.

The team has an obvious need for talent at the quarterback position, losing both Alex Smith and Colt McCoy to injury, and giving up on Mark Sanchez midway through his first start. That leaves them with Josh Johnson, who produced well in garbage time but might face a tougher task as a starter.

For the fourth week in a row, the Redskins are wondering what comes next. For the fourth week in a row, they are unlikely to call free agent Colin Kaepernick.

Earlier on Sunday, NFL insider Adam Schefter confirmed that the Redskins did not reach out to Kaepernick before signing either Mark Sanchez or Johnson. In fact, no team has contacted Kaepernick this season, as the former Super Bowl starter continues his collusion case against the NFL.

Then, on Sunday evening, NFL insider Charles Robinson answered what many wondered about the Redskins: if the team reached out, Kaepernick would accept a tryout and a job.

The sources told Yahoo Sports on Sunday that Kaepernick remains willing to play for any NFL team that wants to offer him a job. Both stressed that “any NFL team” includes the Redskins, in spite of longstanding criticism over the team’s logo and name, as well as team owner Dan Snyder having been one of the most critical owners on the issue of players kneeling during the national anthem.

Asked if Kaepernick would be willing to play for the Redskins as early as next week, one source replied, "He’s a professional Super Bowl-caliber quarterback and in the best shape of his life and he would play if given the opportunity on any NFL team."

Needless to say, this is a political issue at least as much as it is a football issue.

The Redskins made headlines on Friday by working with President Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans to insert "a stadium provision into the massive spending bill that the Republican-controlled Congress is rushing to complete this month."

Trump has made his feelings on Kaepernick obvious. Snyder made political contributions to Trump and was reportedly a driving force in the NFL's position on the National Anthem protests. Even if Snyder wanted his team to make a football move, it's the wrong time for a political move.

Consider also that after Smith's injury, reports came out that Snyder and team president Bruce Allen would never consider signing Kaepernick. Even though that message publicly softened last week during Gruden's conference call, that could also be posturing.

Consider also that Kaepernick's protests were inspired by what he perceived to be racist, police brutality towards African Americans. The Redskins name and emblem have been a source of strife in recent years, even as national polls have found that American Indians are not concerned with the name. There is no question that bringing Kaepernick to D.C. would force him to take a stand on the issue--and one that perhaps neither team nor player would be happy with.

The fact is, at this point, the Redskins have not called Kaepernick. Even though they made a change at quarterback this week, they are unlikely to add Kaepernick for the stretch run of a lost season. In doing so, they may have already made the decision of public credibility over football. If they changed their minds and offered him a job, they might force Kaepernick to make the same decision.


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