Report: Redskins helped spur Joe Flacco trade

Brian Tinsman
February 17, 2019 - 10:42 pm

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports


Call it an annual tradition, but we're finally to the point of the offseason when the Washington Redskins are tied to every available quarterback with a pulse.

Kyler Murray? Check.

Nick Foles? Check.

Ryan Tannehill? Check.

Joe Flacco? Apparently.

According to reports by Denver Broncos beat reporter Troy Renck and The Drive Show with Alfred "Big Al" Williams and Darren "DMac" McKee on 104.3 in Denver, the Washington Redskins were the mystery team that pushed the Broncos to finalize a deal more than a month before the league year begins. Here was the discussion on 104.3 on Friday afternoon:

Big Al: "The reason that they had to make the deal is because of the Washington Redskins. The Redskins were interested and they were going to make a play for Joe Flacco."

DMac: "I wasn't aware of the team, but I was told that certainly another team was in it, and that accelerated everything."

Big Al: "I was told today, specifically, that it was the Redskins."

DMac: "That makes sense, because Alex Smith, his career could be over, unfortunately."

Big Al: "Yeah, and that gave a sense of urgency to get this done."

It's tricky to trust reports about your team coming from another city, but there might be more than just smoke around this report. Redskins beat reporter Ben Standig confirmed that he heard the same out of Redskins Park:

This is not uncommon. When the Redskins pulled the trigger on the Alex Smith trade with Kansas City, there were other teams rumored to be sniffing around the veteran. This could have been a bluff on the part of the Chiefs, but it's likely not. The bigger question is how serious those other teams might be.

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Another key to this rumor is that Flacco is willing and likely to renegotiate his contract with the Broncos for a more team-friendly number.

As it stands, he counts for $18.5 million against Denver's cap next season. Adding that to the Redskins payroll would have meant that nearly $50 million would be spent on Alex Smith, Colt McCoy and Flacco this season, which is completely crippling without reworking his deal.

In the end, it's possible that the Redskins inquired but were not overly serious. It's possible that the trade compensation wasn't worth what they thought they could get from Flacco this season.

There are many possible reasons why the trade didn't happen. All we might ever know is that it didn't work out.

But the fact that multiple reporters in multiple cities are hearing that the Redskins are looking for veterans this season means that the Redskins are planning for life without Alex Smith in 2019 and perhaps beyond.

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