Report: Redskins not interested in Colin Kaepernick

Brian Tinsman
November 18, 2018 - 8:23 pm

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Anyone dreaming of Colin Kaepernick's next football chance coming in Washington, D.C., should guess again.

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, the Redskins will not be working out Kaepernick as they seek a backup for Colt McCoy on a short week.

This matches a report from Adam Schefter that the team will be trying out a trio on Monday:

What's more, Florio told NBC's "Football Night in America" that Redskins President Bruce Allen has previously stated that the team will never be interested in Kaepernick under his stewardship.

Colin Kaepernick is a controversial figure after starting the NFL player National Anthem protests over police brutality. Kaepernick was a starter for the 49ers at the time, but his stance sent ripples around the league and became highly political after President Donald Trump entered the fray. It remains an unresolved issue between the NFL and NFLPA, although a collusion case against the league is expected to start arguments in November.

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Kaepernick recently signed a major contract with Nike under the banner of doing the right thing, even if it costs you everything. He has not played a down of football since 2016, and it is unclear if he has been working out.

Regardless, he will not be getting a call from Ashburn.

"Even though Washington quarterbacks coach Kevin O’Connell served on the last coaching staff in San Francisco that had Kaepernick on the roster, Kaepernick won’t be on the Washington roster," Florio wrote. "barring a dramatic change of heart by Allen — or a direct order from owner Daniel Snyder that having someone who possibly could help push a 6-4 start toward a finish atop the division outweighs all non-football considerations."

It is unclear if that decision flows all the way up to ownership, but Allen is the team's final decision-maker on the roster.

The Redskins will likely make a decision and a roster move on Monday. The Redskins play next on Thursday, Thanksgiving, in Dallas, for the second matchup of the season vs. the Cowboys.

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