Robert Griffin III will not play vs. Redskins

Brian Tinsman
August 30, 2018 - 8:30 pm

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports


Well, this was anti-climactic.

Former Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is battling for a roster spot with the Baltimore Ravens, but that decision is officially out of his hands. Rookie Lamar Jackson got the start tonight vs. the Redskins and RG3 is not scheduled to play.

Jackson has been uneven in the team's first four preseason contests, flashing potential and athleticism that made him a Heisman Trophy winner, but also the wide-eyed inexperience of a youngster. The question is whether he has shown enough to merit the backup job and spare the Ravens from carrying three quarterbacks on the roster.

If he can, Griffin III hits unemployment, likely with enough good film and good reports to land a backup job somewhere else this season. All indications out of Baltimore are that Griffin III is no longer the player that walked out of Ashburn several years ago, or the player who couldn't stick with Cleveland the following season. 

“The thing I feel like I’ve learned the most about is who I am as a player, a better understanding of my strengths and my weaknesses, and then how to counteract that,” he told the media this week. 

“I know where I’ve come up short in my career. One of those is being available, and I think I’ve proven throughout the preseason that I’ve learned how to protect myself, while also still playing aggressively, and I think that’s something that I didn’t really do earlier on in my career. I was a little reckless.

“Everybody thinks they’re Superman. I had to learn that I am human, but there are some things that God has blessed me to be able to do that other guys cannot do, and I have to maximize those things. I think that’s where I’ve come along the most.”

In addition to improving his play, he has reportedly been a mentor of sorts to Jackson and helped bridge the gap in his learning curve. But that doesn't mean he is forgiven for past sins.

In his column for the Washington Times, 106.7 The Fan contributor Thom Loverro posited earlier this week that Griffin would even be disappointed with playing tonight (before it was known that he would not play at all):

Griffin’s NFL life may come down to how well he plays Thursday night against Washington, who will likely, for the most part, be playing backup and future cuts. And even if Griffin plays well, whatever future he has may not be in Baltimore, where the Ravens, with Joe Flacco as the starter and their No. 1 draft choice Lamar Jackson behind him, may likely only carry two quarterbacks.

The future of the once-heralded RG3 is in the hands of Washington Redskins scrubs. I doubt that was the revenge scenario Griffin had planned when he walked out of Redskins Park for the last time.

There's also the theory that choosing not to play Griffin III tonight means that he is on the trade block ahead of Saturday's roster cuts. NFL insider Jason La Canfora named a half dozen teams that are in the market for players like RG3:

Much remains to be seen before roster cuts are finalized on Saturday.


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