SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh a big Nats fan

Brian Tinsman
July 12, 2018 - 11:06 pm

Jack Gruber-USA TODAY


To those who know him, it's no surprise that U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is a big fan of the Washington Nationals. Considering most people didn't even know of him until this week, this is somehow newsworthy stuff.

As part of the due diligence of researching a potential SCOTUS justice, the Washington Post uncovered Kavanaugh's outstanding debt in recent years--specifically the credit card debt associated with buying season tickets to Nats Park.

White House spokesman Raj Shah told The Washington Post that Kavanaugh built up the debt by buying Washington Nationals season tickets and tickets for playoff games for himself and a “handful” of friends.

Shah told The Post that Kavanaugh’s friends reimbursed him for their share of the baseball tickets and that the judge has since stopped purchasing the season tickets.

There really isn't more to the story. No indication of how good the seats were, what games he attended, or if he cheers for Teddy Roosevelt every time in the Presidents Race. Perhaps that will come up during testimony in the upcoming hearings before the U.S. Senate.

The good news, I guess, is that Kavanaugh has a habit of paying off his credit card debt in a timely fashion and that his only outstanding debts now are his mortgage.

That's not nearly as interesting as being a Nats season ticket holder. This is just another reminder to mind your manners at public sporting events, as you never know who might be sitting next to you.


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