SNIDER: Redskins are simply embarrassing

Rick Snider
December 09, 2018 - 4:19 pm

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants are among the worst half-dozen teams in the NFL and they slapped around the Washington Redskins at will on Sunday. And, that might not even be the worst part of the waning weeks.
New York led 34-0 in the first half, Washington’s worst showing ever in 20 years at FedEx Field. No wonder the team wants to exit this haunted house to return to the RFK site. It was 40-0 before coach Jay Gruden sent in newly-signing quarterback Josh Johnson, who completed a 12-yarder on his first attempt seemingly since wearing a leather helmet.
Johnson even avoided the “Crust Monday” toppings shutout by scoring with 11:56 remaining while even adding a two-point conversion pass. He later tossed a 79-yarder to Jamison Crowder with a two-point conversion. Wow, who is this guy?
Johnson should be the 28th quarterback to start for the Redskins against Jacksonville on Sunday since the Mark Rypien era ended in 1993. After all, why wouldn’t he after showing a pulse against New York?
Giants fans filled seats behind both benches as most Redskins fans, at least the few that came, exited at halftime. There weren’t 30,000 fans at kickoff and maybe 10,000 were Redskins supporters. Many locals left at halftime. New York supporters figured they might as well stick around and enjoy the clown show.
It was beyond embarrassing for a team that lives on smoke and mirrors. The best moves of the day were by Santa breaking it down at halftime. At least he found the end zone.
The Redskins have lost four straight and headed for 6-10. Seven straight losses should mean no one in the front office or coaching staff remains. This isn’t a tear down. The place has already collapsed.
Too many defensive players taking poor angles. Translation: Nobody’s risking injury. Double translation: They’ve given up.
Oh, Gruden will talk about next man up, but it’s really about the next man throwing up in his helmet.
Jordan Reed left early with a foot injury, which probably means seeya until 2019. Why risk the injury-prone player to worse woes? Quarterback Mark Sanchez couldn’t last one game. He may consider retirement after being pummeled behind a makeshift line where even the veteran tackles played poorly. The question over re-signing running back Adrian Peterson for next year really relies on whether AP wants to come back. Ten carries on 16 yards with 12 on one snap says a lot about both Peterson and the line, though.
Trying to say this was rock bottom for the Redskins is like comparison Titanic sinkings. But, this was the worst loss since 52-7 to New England in 2007. Supposedly, Redskins were beyond such whippings nowadays. Obviously, they’re not.
Start looking at draft prospects around No. 10. There’s nothing left to see this season.

Rick Snider has covered Washington sports since 1978. Follow him on Twitter @Snide_Remarks.