Stephen A. Smith: Redskins are best fit for Nick Foles

Brian Tinsman
February 07, 2019 - 6:31 pm

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports


Nick Foles will almost certainly switch teams this offseason, either via free agency or via a tag-then-trade scenario between his new team and the Philadelphia Eagles.

With few appealing veteran options available and some uncertainty with this year's crop of rookie passers, Foles should have multiple suitors.

His best landing spot is a matter of intense sports talk debate. Jacksonville, Denver and the Giants are all teams in need of an upgrade at the position.

ESPN hot take artist Stephen A. Smith sees Foles landing much closer to home: with the Washington Redskins:

Smith brushes off the most obvious of counterpoints, which is money. The team has already committed $20.4 million in cap space to Alex Smith, who reportedly has little shot of playing in 2019 (if ever again). It's hard to imagine how the team could absorb a second high-end quarterback contract, but Smith was not deterred.

"The Redskins did sign Alex Smith to a four-year, $94-million extension. That on top of the money he was already going to earn equates to about five years, $111 million," Smith said. He then launches into every reason why a team like the Redskins should want a quarterback of Foles' caliber.

He's not wrong. The Redskins would probably love to have a solution at quarterback as good as Nick Foles. But he doesn't propose a way to pay for it.

Instead, he offers this bit of logic for why the Redskins will make the deal work:

"You study what other people do," Smith said of divisional play. "If you are Nick Foles, even if you were benefiting from playing under Doug Pederson, you know those other teams (in the NFC East) also know what Pederson was doing, and have the capability to emulate what Doug Pederson did, to enabled things to work for Nick Foles."

This is actually true of any team that studies film on the Eagles.

"So, because of that, I will say that the Washington Redskins," Smith continued. "Because they're in the same division as the Philadelphia Eagles, and because they are in desperate need of a quarterback...they're familiar with what Philadelphia does, and I think that would benefit Nick Foles tremendously."

These are all reasonable assertions. It's just hard to imagine how the Redskins will pay for it and still field a competitive team.

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