Super prop bets start with National Anthem

Brian Tinsman
February 03, 2019 - 5:48 pm

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According to the American Gaming Association, nearly 10 percent of all American adults have something extra riding on Sunday's big game.

This includes both the major sportsbooks across the country as well as the side bets at the water cooler. In total, billions of dollars are expected to change hands because of the game, most of it illegally.

However, for those that want to bet above board, consider these prop bets (numbers via Top Bet) that begin with the singing of the National Anthem.

1. National Anthem Length: The over-under for Gladys Knight's National Anthem is 111.5 seconds, or just short of two minutes. With less than an hour to go, the smart money is on her going long.

2. Fastest Drive of Super Bowl LIII: How you bet on Gladys Knight will affect how you bet on the shortest drive of the Super Bowl. Could a team have a faster offensive drive than her rendition of the Anthem? The smart money says yes.

3. Age-Matching Scores: In case you hadn't heard, Pats coach Bill Belichick (66) is twice the age of Rams coach Sean McVay (33). Will the total points in the game come closer to Belichick's age or McVay's? The smart money is on Belichick.

4. Donald Trump Tweets: President Trump is a prolific tweeter, but has been relatively quiet during the Super Bowls of his presidency. Perhaps that's why the smart money is on him tweeting less than 1.5 times during the game.

5. Celebratory Gatorade: The Gatorade bath is a storied tradition of championship-winning coaches, but predicting the color of the drink is very tricky. The longest of long-shots for color is purple, while the best bet is no bath at all.

6. MVP Shout-Outs: Super Bowl MVPs don't have long to think about what they would say for winning the award, but they have to thank someone, right? This prop bet is on whether he thanks his teammates, God, his city, coach, owner or family. The smart money is actually on none of the above.

7. Gisele Sightings: Gisele Bundchen is one of the hottest supermodels in the world and wife to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. It's a lock that she's at the stadium, but will she end up on TV? Odds are that yes, she will.

8. Correct Romo Predictions: CBS broadcaster Tony Romo will be covering his first Super Bowl tonight and bookmakers are expecting the predictions to come flowing. The over-under for correct predictions is 7.5, with the smart money on the over.

9. Halftime Act Takes a Knee: One of the biggest fears among NFL executives this week seems to be the topic of Colin Kaepernick and the National Anthem protests. That is likely why the league canceled the long-standing tradition of having a halftime show press conference during the week. The question is whether or not the artists will take a knee during the performance, and the smart money is on yes.

10. No Cardi B or Christina Aguilera: Because of their relationships with Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi, there is some speculation that Christina Aguilera or Cardi B could make an unannounced appearance at the halftime show. The smart money for both divas is no.


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