Swearinger on Ha Ha trade: 'I was like, whoa'

Brian Tinsman
November 04, 2018 - 2:15 pm

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and D.J. Swearinger go way back as friends and mutual admirers. 

Redskins fans got a first-hand look at that after Clinton-Dix intercepted Alex Smith earlier this season, near the Redskins' sidelines.

Clinton-Dix secured the interception for the Packers and ended up right in front of Swearinger, who was thrilled with his friend's play, slapping high-fives and offering praise:

So when Clinton-Dix got a call from the Packers' general manager on Tuesday, he was thrilled to hear that he was headed to Washington. He began texting Swearinger on the spot, ignoring the rest of what his GM had to say. The text read, "I'm on my way."

The news was well received by Swearinger, who recalled to FOX Sports: "I thought he was talking about picks (interceptions), but then one of my boys told me that we got Ha Ha, and so I was like 'whoa!' I was like, that's what he's talking about...They done messed up."

Now, the duo, which is ranked as the top two safeties in the NFL this season according to Pro Football Focus, thinks they can make the Redskins' top-five defense even better.

"I'm so glad to be with this guy next to me, man, y'all don't understand," Clinton-Dix told the FOX Sports crew. "This sh** is gonna click. I know he's got a dog in him."

"He was one of my favorite safeties coming up," Swearinger said. "I knew he was going to be a star, so I already knew we was going to click all along, regardless of what it was, if we were on the same team or not.

Of course, both players are inspired by former Redskins safety Sean Taylor. While No. 21 is unofficially retired in Washington, Swearinger wears No. 36 and Clinton-Dix wore 21 before the trade. He will wear No. 20 in Washington.

"Being from Florida and watching Sean come from nothing and be from a neighborhood like mine and make it out, who else would I have to look up to?" Clinton-Dix asked.

"We're definitely going to carry that torch, for sure," Swearinger added. "Two-one will go forever and ever."


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