#TheRide: Chad Dukes rides Nats' bullpen cart

Brian Tinsman
September 01, 2018 - 12:03 am

Every story that begins with a Chad Dukes rant deserves to have a happy ending. Perhaps for the first time ever, this one actually does.

On Friday night, the Washington Nationals kept their promise to make 106.7 The Fan's Chad Dukes the first non-player to ride in their bullpen cart during a game.

There was lots of sweet, sweet footage of #TheRide:


The hatchet is officially buried.

This honor was bestowed as a way of making up for double-booking Olympic champion Katie Ledecky to throw out the ceremonial first pitch on 106.7 The Fan Night at Nationals Park, bumping Dukes from the honor.

The slight was not lost on Dukes, who uncorked 16 minutes of rage on his Half Street neighbors on August 22. The message was heard loud and clear.

Two days later, Nats mascot Screech arrived at The Fan studios with swag, beer and an official apology. The moment is excellently documented here.

Dukes was immediately thrown on air with Grant and Danny, who were in on the bit, and who witnessed Dukes shed an actual tear of joy about the fanfare of the moment and the promise of a make good.

From the looks of it, all is forgiven.


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