Ugh: Vegas sportsbook likes Nick Foles to D.C.

Brian Tinsman
February 10, 2019 - 6:32 pm

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The speculation that makes little sense in reality is becoming the rumor that won't go away.

When Nick Foles inevitably leaves the Philadelphia Eagles this offseason, either via trade or free agency, he will have plenty of suitors.

Talking heads like Stephen A. Smith could see him joining the Washington Redskins, and apparently, gamblers agree:

By those odds, the Redskins are the second most-likely team to land Foles. That's bizarre, not because the Redskins don't need a quarterback, but because they are already playing premium quarterback money for Alex Smith.

Going into 2019, the Redskins have committed $20.4 million to Smith, who is not expected to play any time soon, and $3.5 million to Colt McCoy, who is the current favorite to start Week 1.

Foles is coming off of an impressive run for the Eagles that includes a sensational Super Bowl win. In any other season, he's the perfect Redskins' target: a buy-high candidate with limited upside who will probably take a step back when removed from his environment of success. He's this year's Alex Smith, Donovan McNabb or Mark Brunell. 

But the Redskins are tapped out on resources. They may have fallen just a few games short of the playoffs, but they have a lot of areas of need. They need to spread those resources across the receiver, tight end, offensive line, safety, cornerback and linebacker positions. They will need at least one new face at quarterback, but that may have to come cheap in the draft.

The 2019 salary cap is yet unknown, but the most ambitious projections put it around $191 million. Foles is likely to command a contract worth $20 million per year over multiple years.

Are the Redskins willing to commit upwards of $45 million to the position over the next several years? That's approximately one-quarter of the cap, which unnecessarily stretches resources for the rest of the team.

That's not how good teams surround quarterbacks with talent. That's not how good teams protect quarterbacks with talent. 

If the Redskins make this move, then you can write your own punchline.


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