Vernon Davis: Alex Smith has always been NFL's best QB

Brian Tinsman
July 26, 2018 - 9:34 pm

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports


Vernon Davis and Alex Smith were teammates together for seven years in San Francisco. Both first-round picks with the weight of expectations upon them, the two formed more than just a formidable tandem in the passing game.

Davis believes Smith is the best of the best.

"In my opinion, Alex has always been the best quarterback in the NFL, in my humble opinion," Davis told the media right after Training Camp practice on Thursday in Richmond. "He had a lot of adversity and turmoil to work through, and it shows that his resiliency is radiant, man, because of where he is right now in his career. 

"He didn't break, he didn't fold and he's still climbing. He's continuing to get better and better and better. So, to me, he's always been a great quarterback. He did it then, he's doing it now and he's tremendous."

That's high praise in a league with future Hall of Fame quarterbacks Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers. That's especially telling because Davis has played alongside the likes of Peyton Manning, Kirk Cousins and 2012 Colin Kaepernick.

Davis remains one of the Redskins' most important weapons this season. Perhaps with Smith at the helm, the dynamic duo can take the next step together.


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