Virginia mayor wants to rename town 'Capitalsville'

Brian Tinsman
May 23, 2018 - 11:19 pm

Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports


The Washington Capitals play home games in downtown Washington, D.C., and practice in Arlington, Virginia. But 55 miles away, there is a small Virginia town that is looking to become the center of the Caps universe.

The entire population (approximately 2,000 people) of Lovettsville, Va., could fit behind the goal in the lower bowl of Capital One Arena, but that hasn't stopped the mayor from promising to change the name of the town while the team is in the Stanley Cup Finals.

According to Loudoun Now, one of the local papers, Mayor Bob Zoldos will seek the Town Council's approval to change the name to "Capitalsville."

Zoldos said he figured that if the Town Council could name a day to honor a person, which it did last week for former Vice Mayor Tiffany Carder, it could probably temporarily rename the entire town.

“It follows the quirkiness and all the fun stuff we’ve been doing,” he said. “I’m looking forward to it.”

To make the name known to all, Zoldos said the town would post it on social media pages, hang banners in the town and superimpose the “Capitalsville” name onto town signs.

This seems like a strange bit, but Zoldos claims he has even been in contact with the Caps' front office. According to him, team officials are “very excited” about it. After all, when was the last time a town changed its name for a team?

Zoldos said that if he gets council approval, the Washington Capitals will be consulted on what exactly the town will be called during those few weeks. No kidding.

The only thing missing at this point is the resolution itself, which has not yet been written.

"I haven’t written the resolution yet because, obviously, I don’t want to jinx anything” he told the Loudoun Times-Mirror. “I’ll be watching every second of the game. It’s historic.

"I have red lights rigged up in my house so that when they score tonight, it will be just like the sirens at the game. I’m only in office for another month, and I’m looking at this as an opportunity to honor not only the Capitals and what they’ve done, but also to help kind of put Lovettsville on the map."

That's one way to serve out your term as mayor.


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