Paulsen: McCloughan Calling Cousins ‘Not Special’ A Complete ‘Nothing Burger’

Chris Lingebach
January 22, 2018 - 1:17 pm

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

What does Grant Paulsen have to say about former Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan identifying Kirk Cousins as a non-special quarterback?

Nothing to see here, basically.

McCloughan told Denver radio’s 104.3 The Fan last week he does not see ‘special’ in the Redskins quarterback, although he did say Cousins is ‘talented.’ McCloughan went on to describe Cousins as the type of quarterback who needs to be surrounded with talent, “because you don’t want him to be throwing 35, 40 times to win a game.”

“This is a nothing burger,” Paulsen told his 106.7 The Fan co-host, Danny Rouhier. “This, to me, was not news. It wasn’t interesting. And I didn’t find it provoking of much thought.”

“Scot McCloughan has never said Kirk Cousins was special,” Paulsen added. “The idea that, as the former Redskins general manager, he’s saying Kirk Cousins is not special, to me is known. He has comped him on our show — many times to me behind the scenes — but on our show he brought this up when we had him on it once. He thinks he’s Matt Hasselbeck.

“Does he think Matt Hasselbeck was special? No. Matt Hasselbeck was just a really good quarterback who threw for 4,000 yards in a season in Seattle and who got to a Super Bowl. You don’t have to be special to get to a Super Bowl, to win. Does he think Kirk Cousins is good? Yes, as he pointed out. Does he think you could win with Kirk Cousins? Yes. Did he try to sign Kirk Cousins multiple times? Yes, he did. He doesn’t think he’s special. Guess why. Who’s special? Who says Kirk Cousins is special? I don’t think Kirk Cousins is special. Do you?”

“No,” Rouhier said.

“Kirk Cousins is good. Good is not special,” Paulsen said. “The word ‘elite’ I guess gets thrown out. Now special’s the new thing. Is Kirk Cousins elite? No, he’s probably not elite. Kirk Cousins is a fringe Top 10 quarterback in this league. That is irrefutable. That is what he is. He’s one of the five statistical best quarterbacks over the last three years. If you don’t think he’s a Top-5 quarterback, I think that’s perfectly reasonable. It’s probably true.

“I would put him in the back end of the Top 10. I’ve said for a long time 9-13. After this year, I’d probably bump that up to like the 8-11, 8-10 range. He is a back-end Top 10 quarterback. That is what he is. Is he special? No. Is he a transcendent talent that comes to an organization and you win a Super Bowl with right away? No. Is he a guy that would work in every offense, and make every team he comes to better? No. Is he better than three of the four quarterbacks who played in Championship Sunday this weekend? Yes.”

“So he’s not special,” Paulsen said. “We all know that, I think, generally. No reason to believe Scot McCloughan would have said he’s special. He’s really good. He’s a very solid NFL quarterback you can win with.”

This is our life now, destined to discuss the value of the current Washington passer in hypotheticals which consider another existence, until it becomes so monotonous that other existence is the only welcomed option.


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