Re-Imagining the MLB Logo with Former and Current Stars

Jordan Cohn
June 05, 2020 - 4:00 pm

I've reached the point where I need some sort of diversion from the constant MLB negotiations. The ones that aren't going anywhere, and may even be heading backwards. I can't pretend to feel much optimism anymore.

So let's re-imagine the MLB. That seems like a good move. In a completely different world, where there's no virus, where players are in the midst of the season, where my Phillies have stunned the rest of the NL East en route to a seat in first place after a phenomenal spring and early summer.

Where to start? Let's start with the logo. Harmon Killebrew was a great man, a great ballplayer, and a great figure in the story behind the MLB logo. But it's just that -- a story. According to Paul Lukas, a member of the Society for American Baseball Reserach (SABR), the statement that the logo is a depiction of Killebrew could very well be a myth. Lukas interviewed Jerry Dior, confirmed to be the logo designer, and received this response.

"It's not any specific person," Jerry Dior said. "I did a couple of variations based on [magazine] photographs I had. It was sort of [a] composite of what I had in front of me."

Killebrew hinted that he thought the logo was, in fact, a portrayal of him. Dior says otherwise. Both sides have legitimate cases and pieces of testimony to argue their points. It's a fun little mystery.

But instead of debunking that mystery, we came up with some ideas to update it as a whole using silhouettes of stars you're sure to recognize. We didn't go solely based on fame. Mike Trout's not on here. Hank Aaron didn't make the cut. We felt Cy Young had been honored enough with the award which bears his name.

Instead, we opted to use players with signature stances, throwing motions or poses that separate them from the rest of the league. Thanks to Scott Krava for his excellent work on all of these images. See if you can guess who each logo depicts!

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