LeBron & The Rock weigh in on the 'Washington Football Team'

Jordan Cohn
July 23, 2020 - 3:05 pm

Years of pushing for a change within the system of Washington's NFL organization.

Weeks of formal investigation and executive decision making regarding the controversial team name.

Days of intense, widespread speculation regarding the new team name, including everything from trademark squatters to internet detectives. Dozens of suggestions and potential candidates, including the Redtails, the Red Wolves, the Redhawks, the Sentinels and more. And finally, on Thursday, we found out what the team would go by for the near future.

Drum roll, please............ the Washington Football Team!

Erm, yea. That's it. It doesn't help that it comes on the same day as the reveal of the Seattle Kraken, which objectively (actually, very much subjectively) is the coolest name in the NHL. And many members of the sports universe weren't all too receptive to the decision, starting with perhaps the most famous athlete on the planet.

Kevin Durant retweeted LeBron's post with a gif of Anthony Mackie giving a blank stare.

Former division rival Dez Bryant also wasn't enthralled by the new name, going so far as to say the whole thing is making him skeptical of any hope for a 2020 season.

Emmanuel Acho, among other NFL stars, thought along the same lines as LBJ and Dez.

Washington Football Team -- there we go, I'm getting used to it -- quarterback Dwayne Haskins didn't really acknowledge the name change in his first social media post after the announcement, instead expressing his enthusiasm.

Haskins, along with some of his teammates and some sports analysts, seem to be focusing more on the sleek look of the uniforms as opposed to the names themselves. And we have to say, the uniforms look pretty sweet.

Grant Paulsen, a host on 106.7 The Fan in Washington, D.C., likes the idea and thinks it's smart to ensure that the more permanent name reveal will have been well-thought-out by the time it's announced.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson didn't really comment on the team's name, but was thankful that they're progressing in a positive direction, which certainly looks to be the case.

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