Ravens reportedly really love Ryan Grant

Brian Tinsman
March 13, 2018 - 10:36 pm

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


Have you ever been good friends with the girl or guy who got hot out of nowhere? You spend years thinking of them platonically, and by the time you realize what happened, you're stuck in the friend zone?

That could be what just happened between the Washington Redskins and receiver Ryan Grant. Using the friend zone analogy, Grant is now moving in with your neighbor, the Baltimore Ravens.

And he's getting a shockingly rich contract in the process. Via Ian Rapoport:

It's worth noting that Rapoport, like most NFL insiders, has gotten a scoop or two wrong in his day, and he is (as of the time of publishing) the only insider reporting on Grant. However, this report seems too smokey to not have fire.

If this report is accurate, it's just another weird signing in an upside down receivers market. Pro Football Talk's Darin Gantt described it well, writing, "somebody needs to cut off the wide receiver market and call it a cab."

It's also possible that nobody ends up happy with this deal.

Grant's biggest advocate has always been his head coach Jay Gruden, who consistently showered him with praise while he produced just 84 career receptions for 985 yards and six touchdowns in four seasons.

Gruden can't be happy to lose Grant, and a quick scroll of Twitter shows that Redskins fans are at least conflicted in losing him.

On the one hand, Grant has produced less than any receiver on the team given his number of opportunities.

On the other hand, Grant is coming off of his best season, where he caught 45 passes for 573 yards and four touchdowns. If this is just the tip of the iceberg, and Gruden's optimism was well-founded, then this will only fuel the D.C. sports pessimism.

Meanwhile, many fans in Baltimore aren't even entirely sure who Grant is. Given the team's tight salary cap situation, the commitment is cause for anxiety among fans. In a market where proven commodities like Jordy Nelson are available, the Ravens have instead added potential reaches like Grant and John Brown.

The old saying is that free agency pays players for past production with no guarantee of future results. At this point, the Redskins can only hope that this proves true for Grant, and that the Ravens overpaid.

Otherwise, they will have a front-row seat to watch the one who got away.


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