Caller with similar injury to Alex Smith had to amputate his leg

Josh Luckenbaugh
January 22, 2019 - 9:32 am

Alex Smith made a rare public appearance at Monday's Wizards game wearing an intense leg brace — identified as an external fixator by David J. Chao, M.D. — confirming for many the doubts over whether Smith will ever play football again.

In fact, things could get even more serious for Smith according to Junkies caller Mark in Leonardtown, who suffered a similar leg injury after falling 20 feet off a boat. 

"Same kind of thing, had an external fixator, had 10 surgeries," Mark said Tuesday. "Same kind of infection issues, had a bag around my waist for about five months trying to kill the infection, no luck. Ended up amputation about 10 months after the injury."

"It's a very real possibility for him, unfortunately."

Chao, who goes by @profootballdoc on Twitter, wrote Monday that it's unlikely Smith loses his leg, but wasn't optimistic Smith plays football again.

"(The external fixator) confirms some of the fears that Smith has suffered significant complications," wrote Chao. "The initial thought was that he would be able to return for the start of next season. However, with the infection and multiple surgeries, including the now-confirmed report of his initial hardware implants being removed, this lengthens the recovery."

"The good news is he should not lose his leg. The bad news is he likely has several surgeries and procedures still to come, including the ultimate removal of his ring external fixator. At this point, there is no way he will be ready for the start of the coming season. In fact, he may never be able to play."

Having gone through the process before, Mark confirmed Smith still has a long way to go. 

"This is just the beginning of the journey," he told the Junkies. "If he ends up in the same position that I am, it's just the beginning of the journey. I'm three years in, I've gone through about seven prosthetics." 

Unfortunately for Smith, it appears he's nowhere close to getting back on the gridiron. And unfortunately for the Redskins, that means they'll be in the market for a franchise quarterback once again.

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