SNIDER: Skins fans most deserving of Super Bowl glory

Rick Snider
June 20, 2019 - 10:44 am
Redskins fans are among the most deserving of success in all of the NFL.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Categories: writers recently tried to identify which fans most deserved to see a Super Bowl. They ran down the usual suspects – Cleveland, Cincinnati, Oakland, Buffalo and Jacksonville.

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They missed the remaining fans in Washington.

OK, maybe the Browns deserve it more. Those poor people have gone without hope since losing two straight AFC Championships in 1986-87. The “Factory of Pain” moniker didn’t begin to explain things and then there was the team moving to Baltimore in 1996 before an expansion club arrived in 1999. The three seasons without football may have been the highlight of the past generation.

Certainly, the “Bills Mafia” deserves a break after four straight Super Bowl losses, including the one to the Redskins. The recent death of fan leader “Pancho Billa” was a tough blow, too. Buffalo’s biggest problem over the past two decades has been New England dominating the AFC East so even when the Bills were good the Patriots were better. Maybe Buffalo could borrow neighboring Toronto’s “We the North” for a title, too.

Oakland? How can you want a Super Bowl win for a team abandoning its city?

Cincinnati? Who cares?

Jacksonville? See Cincinnati.

No, the Browns and Redskins fans deserve a Super Bowl. Cleveland is on the upswing. The Browns might even make the playoffs this year. The Redskins? Well, it would take a lot of good luck absent from recent seasons for Washington to make the postseason, but the Redskins are better than some national pundits predicting 2-14.

The Redskins are probably looking at six to eight wins this season. That likely means a coaching change and another jump start. And that means a few years until becoming a playoff contender and only if rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins develops nicely.

Fans in Dallas, New York and Philadelphia aren’t lighting a candle over Washington’s agony. But, the NFL would secretly love to see Washington return to prominence. The Redskins are still one of the long-time franchises with national and international followings that draw good ratings against the Cowboys. A stronger Redskins benefits the league.

Now if there were just many fans remaining after 27 years of mostly misery. Those poor folks who come to Redskins Park to wave to the team busses as they head to road games are precious few anymore. But that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve some good fortune. Three Super Bowls in the past doesn’t buy much good will anymore so adding another shiny football to the trophy case would sure go a long way to reversing the dark days.

And it sure would quiet down those Cowboys fans.

Rick Snider has covered Washington sports since 1978. Follow him on Twitter: @Snide_Remarks