JUNKIES: Skins on 'Hard Knocks' would be perfect

Ben Krimmel
May 30, 2019 - 2:21 pm

This needs to happen.

Redskins head coach Jay Gruden may not want it to happen, but it needs to happen.

HBO must offer the Washington Redskins "Hard Knocks," and the Skins should accept the offer immediately. 

"It would be so entertaining," Craig Hoffman told The Sports Junkies. "Jay had a great point yesterday, Oakland would be wild. Like, you got (Antonio Brown), now you got (Richie) Incognito out there, you got Burfict, not to mention Jon (Gruden) and Mike Mayock. It'd be fascinating."

But 106.7 The Fan's Redskins beat reporter offered a counter that many fans may not realize: "Jay's hysterically funny. Jay mic'd up every day might make 'Hard Knocks.' You don't need anything else."

And if the younger Gruden isn't good enough the Skins also have Rob Ryan, Jim Tomsula, and Greg Manusky on the coaching staff, too.

Of course, Gruden isn't interested in putting more quality programming on HBO.

"Well that's not up to me, so if we're forced to do it, then obviously we'll have to make it work," Gruden said Wednesday.

"It's a process. It can be distracting at times," he said. "But really they do an excellent job as far as keeping out of your business. So it wouldn't be the end of the world. I think our guys would probably have fun with it at the end of the day, but initially, it would be a distraction, so to speak."

That's fine it would be a little distraction, but the fans deserve the access. Deserve seeing more behind the scenes footage. Deserve to see more of Gruden. More of Bruce Allen. More access to it all.

Let's make this happens.

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