JUNKIES: Redskins' weapons on offense best in division?

Ben Krimmel
July 11, 2019 - 11:19 am

There appears to be a difference of opinion in NFL circles.

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On NFL Network, Nate Burleson said the Washington Redskins have the best supporting cast on offense of any team in the NFC East.

"What's gonna anchor this division, is the strongest running game possible," Burleson said Wednesday on NFL Network. "There's the weight of the world on the shoulders of (Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliott), weight of the world on the shoulders of (Giants RB) Saquon (Barkley), the Eagles can be a hard-nosed running team, but I feel like the supporting running back room cast is phenomenal in Washington."

To support this claim, Burleson argues the other teams in the division rely on a single back, whereas Washington has a "smooth rotation of running backs" of Adrian Peterson, "army knife" Chris Thompson, and Derrius Guice, "who is gonna be furious this year with his running style."

Nate Burleson: 'I'd rather have Dwayne Haskins than Eli Manning'

He then goes a step further pointing to the Skins weapons in the passing game: "Jordan Reed who is the ultimate 'Can you stay healthy, bro?' And then, Paul Richardson, who is another 'Can you stay healthy, bro?' With these guys on the field, everybody healthy, I feel like this is it."

On the other hand, ESPN NFL analyst Bill Barnwell wrote Thursday, the Redskins have "likely the league's worst group of starting wide receivers." 

Barnwell notes the Redskins are better at other positions on offense, but still ranked the Skins' offensive weapons as the fifth worst in the league.

So there's a difference of opinion.

Count The Sports Junkies among those on Barnwell's side.

Jason Bishop: Someone should have said, 'Hey Nate, would you rather have just Saquon or Guice, Peterson, and Thompson?'

John Auville: And you would say Saquon.

Bishop: That's what I would say. I think everyone on the planet would say that, (just) maybe not Nate. 

And while Burleson's point may make sense when looking at the Redskins' depth at running back, the argument falls apart when examining all other offensive positions.

"To me, if you're comparing offenses and depth," J.P. Flaim said Thursday. "I'm sorry, but you mention Zeke, but (the Cowboys) also have Amari Cooper, they have a better offense."

"Absolutely," Bishop says. "Philadelphia's got a better offense, Dallas has a better offense, Giants with Saquon, he's certainly the better player, who knows what's going on at quarterback... I just don't agree with that." 

While the Giants offense may be on-par or slightly worse than the Redskins, Bishop's main point: "I'd rather have Saquon than anybody on the Redskins roster."

Auville sums up the Washington backfield thusly: "(Guice) is an unknown, Thompson is injury-prone, and Adrian Peterson is 34 at this point." 

Of course, this may turn out to be a premature assessment. Burleson may have the last laugh.

But with three weeks to training camp, there are still so many questions surrounding the Redskins offense from the quarterback competition to whether Pro Bowl offensive tackle Trent Williams will play this season.

There are too many known unknowns around the NFC East to know for sure how things will shake out at the top. But to The Junks (and many others around the NFL) the fight for supremacy won't go through the DMV.

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