Should Redskins look at signing veteran quarterback?

Ben Krimmel
February 07, 2019 - 2:28 pm

Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

While the Washington Redskins won't play another game for over 200 days, the decisions they make now will have a huge impact come September.

Mainly, the team must decide who will be their quarterback and whether they will re-sign veteran running back Adrian Peterson.

After a caller brought up potential free agent quarterbacks Nick Foles and Tyrod Taylor, The Sports Junkies looked at Washington's in-house options.

"I just don't know if you're gonna spend all that money on Tyrod when you got Colt McCoy the teacher's pet for Jay Gruden already in the building," John Auville said Thursday.

The Redskins' quarterback situation is further complicated by the large cap hit from injured QB Alex Smith, who is unlikely to play in 2019 and may not return to the NFL.

While Auville called McCoy "fragile" for his issues staying on the field, The Junkies consensus was spending money on a veteran wouldn't be the smartest move.

"If they keep Josh (Johnson), that tells me they're gonna draft some one in the first round," Jason Bishop said. "'Cause if you have Josh and Colt, I mean, you have to have a first round pick... it has to be you're third quarterback." 

Washington took a long look at the quarterbacks during the Senior Bowl and have been linked with Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray, also.

The Junkies also agreed whether the Redskins start McCoy or Johnson, they are short-term answers that won't harm the team's long-term plans of finding a quarterback of the future.

One area Washington hoped to find a player of the future is running back. However, 2nd round draft pick Derrius Guice suffered a season-ending knee injury during the preseason. 

Should the Redskins now re-sign the Peterson, who was signed to replace Guice last year?

SNIDER: Redskins should re-sign Adrian Peterson now

"I don't know. I'd love to see what the market is for him," J.P. Flaim said of Peterson. "The problem with the signing now is you could end up overpaying. Like they're might not be a market at all for him."

The Redskins have begun to have some talks with Peterson about an extension, but it all depends on the price being right.

"I wouldn't have to have (Peterson) on my team," Bishop said. "Guice and someone else younger could be a great combo, too."

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