Redskins offense can't miss plays vs. Texans

Ben Krimmel
November 17, 2018 - 12:54 pm

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The same question has dogged the Washington Redskins offense this season: Will they finally break free of the "ugly, but just good enough" label and put up some points?

"Any chance of something dynamic this weekend on offense?" Danny Rouhier asked Friday on 106.7 The Fan. "I'm scared of this (Washington) offense against this defense. They might just be well served to punt on 1st down."  

Redskins reporter Craig Hoffman was semi-amused by Rouhier's less than semiserious suggestion.

"Well that would be an interesting strategy," Hoffman said. "In terms of trying to get something dynamic it definitely is tough because you have to be able to protect against (Watt and Clowney). I think their corners are actually pretty good, too."

"Is there a chance? Of course," Hoffman continued. "The Redskins have a really good offensive mind coordinating their stuff and he seems to be able to put together two to three drives a game and it's just a matter of execution. Can they finally make the one or two plays, (which) they are getting closer and closer to every week?"

Hoffman notes Washington's offense has gotten better at decreasing the number of missed opportunities and "leaving plays on the field."

"Now it's just one or two (plays) per game, where you go, 'If you just make these two plays you score 25. You score 30,'" Hoffman said.

The key to all of this is the play of quarterback Alex Smith, who has passed for under 180 yards in four of his last five games, with six touchdowns and one interception during that period.

"Alex is gonna have to make throws, too," Hoffman said. "One of the things that really stood out watching Broncos-Texans game back this morning, is Case Keenum made a lot of tight throws, in tight windows while getting hit. And you haven't seen as much of that from Alex this year." 

Hoffman said that Smith is going to have to stand in the pocket and make some tough throws against this Houston defense. 

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