Dan Snyder gives Landon Collins signed Sean Taylor jersey

Ben Krimmel
March 14, 2019 - 8:38 am

Big-time signing Landon Collins got a big-time gift. 

The massive Sean Taylor fan and new safety for the Washington Redskins got a great gift from Redskins owner Daniel Snyder.

#tradition #family #original honored by Mr. Snyder aka Dan...this is unreal -- #ripseantaylor

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Speaking with 106.7 The Fan's Grant & Danny on Thursday, Collins told how Snyder gave him a box containing Taylor's jersey at dinner the night before.

"Mr. Snyder stood up and told me the deal behind the box, what was inside the box," Collins told 106.7 The Fan. "He gave me the feeling, the passion, you could feel it in the talk why he felt so strongly about the jersey that was in the box. And as soon as he finished his story about his love, his story behind Sean and the brotherhood, you could say, fatherlyhood, it was breathtaking, it was emotional."

"And when he told me that the jersey that was in the box was signed by Sean Taylor, it was a game-worn jersey, and then on top of that, it was one of (Snyder's) last two that he has of Sean. It took my breath away. It broke me down, I was emotional. Couldn't touch the box when he handed it to me. I didn't want to touch the box, I couldn't move a limb. I couldn't do nothing, I was just shaking," Collins said. 

"I couldn't touch the jersey. I was just in awe, I was emotional, in tears," Collins said. "It took me about a good 30 minutes to really recuperate." 

"#tradition #family #originalhonored by Mr. Snyder aka Dan...this is unreal," Collins wrote on Instagram. 

Collins, who signed a six-year, $84 million deal with the Redskins when free agency began Thursday, was 13 when Taylor was killed in 2007. 

“I grew up a Redskins fan,” Collins told NFL Network in 2015. “I was a big Sean Taylor and Clinton Portis fan. Those were my two favorite players, so I grew up watching them play for the Redskins, so that would be my dream, to play there.”

“I feel like he’s always watching,” Collins said in ESPN feature on Taylor from 2017. “When it’s my time to pass away, to go up to the Lord and I get to speak to him, and finally meet him, man-to-man, he can put his arm around me and be like, ‘You did it.’”

The Redskins hope their new safety can provide some of the same stellar play which made Taylor a fan favorite across the DMV.

“I looked up the best safeties in the game. First name that popped up: Sean Taylor. I was like damn, let me look up him. I started watching his film and I was like, wow. From that point on, I’ve always been a Sean Taylor fan," Collins said in 2016. "I admired him so much." 

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