SNIDER: Redskins at risk of ruining another young quarterback

Rick Snider
October 04, 2019 - 12:55 pm
Redskins at risk of ruining another young quarterback

Elsa/Getty Images


Redskins coach Jay Gruden needs to start quarterback Colt McCoy and be done with this nonsense already. McCoy’s history says he won’t play long and then the franchise can move on to what’s most important – learning whether Dwayne Haskins can succeed?

This is a lost season led by a coach who knows he’s fired five minutes afterward barring an amazing turnaround. Even coach Marty Schottenheimer didn’t stay after starting 0-5 – which Washington will be after playing New England on Sunday – despite finishing 8-8. Of all the bad decisions of owner Dan Snyder’s tenure, that was the worst.

Quarterback Case Keenum isn’t the future and dinged up after three progressively worse games. McCoy won’t be retained by the next coach. He’ll follow Gruden wherever the latter ends up as an offensive coordinator. McCoy is the perfect backup who gets Gruden’s system. That’s his game. But, McCoy shouldn’t really be playing for Washington since the future is Haskins.

Still, someone is needed as a sacrificial passer against the Patriots, who are going to hang a big number on the Redskins before a New England crowd at FedEx Field. Tickets are still around $100 on StubHub when other future home games are going for as low as $15. New England fans are coming strong along with a few locals wanting to see Patriots quarterback Tom Brady probably playing for the last time locally.

Let McCoy discover the struggle is real when not having a full offensive line, no running game after trailing by 20 points in the first half along with the top two tight ends injured. The veteran quarterback deserves better, but then don’t we all out of life?

Protecting Haskins from a humiliating loss is not the task. If the rookie can’t mentally handle the challenges of the NFL, then he doesn’t belong in the NFL. There are no “safe” games in the pros, no Little College U coming to Ohio State for a big payday in return for a bad loss.


Haskins can handle this. He’s smart, works hard and has talent. Things can work out for him.

Then again, the Redskins have ruined several young passers when new coaches arrive. Steve Spurrier didn’t want Patrick Ramsey. Joe Gibbs blew off Jason Campbell. Gruden benched Robert Griffin III. That’s why Washington made a big mistake drafting Haskins last spring. They should have waited until hiring a new coach and letting him choose his quarterback.

Now things are out of sync – again!

Gruden is playing for now and that’s understandable. There is no next season for him. No reason to develop Haskins for the next coach. But, the team has the right to learn if Haskins is the long-term player or does it need to pick one with a probable top-five pick next year.

Saddle up, Colt. It’s time to ride into the sunrise of next season.

Rick Snider has covered Washington sports since 1978. Follow him on Twitter: @Snide_Remarks