Reggie Bush gives impassioned defense of Derrius Guice

Brian Tinsman
May 03, 2018 - 11:12 pm

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports


Running back Derrius Guice got the dreaded "character concerns" tag heading into the NFL Draft, and it ended up costing him financially in the short term.

Instead of taking him in the first round where most teams graded him, Guice slid to the second round where the Redskins were thrilled to scoop him up.

Even after the draft, rumors still emerged about a debacle of a meeting with team officials in Philadelphia before the draft (something that Eagles general manager Howie Roseman denies).

So the natural question is, who is telling the truth?

Former NFL running back Reggie Bush pulls no punches in his support of Guice and has an important question of his own.

"Oftentimes I wonder where some of this stuff comes from," he said on the NFL Network this week. "His father was shot and killed [when he was] at the age of 5 years old and that has significant ramifications for a child, throughout his lifetime. 

"There were significant character issues that came out of the Combine, and I wondered how many of those teams put in the time to get to know him? Not just fire off questions at him but really took the time to figure out how something like that affected him throughout his lifetime.

Bush understands that situation better than most. His biological father was an off-and-on part of his life, and he related how that still affects him today.

"It kinda upsets me sometimes because I feel like teams put too much on these Combine [interviews]," Bush continued. "The real question should be, 'Can this guy play football? Can he help my team right now?'

"I think the Washington Redskins got a tremendous steal--maybe the best steal out of this draft."


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