Sage Rosenfels 'not surprised' by Adrian Peterson's production

Josh Luckenbaugh
October 24, 2018 - 10:13 am

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Having witnessed the greatness of Adrian Peterson firsthand, Sage Rosenfels isn't surprised by the impressive numbers he's putting up with the Redskins in his age-33 season. 

Rosenfels was a member of the Vikings along with Peterson in 2009 and again in 2011-12, and says back then he could tell Peterson was special.

 "I'm not surprised at all," Rosenfels told The Junkies Wednesday. "My locker was right next to Adrian's, I got to know him very, very well, and he is a freak of nature. He's one of those rare human beings." 

"I think there's maybe 10 Adrian Peterson-type people in the world — LeBron is one of them — there are just very few people like that in the whole world that are made the way he's made and the way he's so strong and powerful and explosive." 

"The way he can take hits and keep on going, I had a feeling he was gonna be one of those running backs that played well past 30," he continued. "Most running backs sort of die off as they get close to 30 years old, but I could just tell he was one of those guys."

Viewed as a panic buy after Derrius Guice went down with a torn ACL, Peterson has catalyzed the Redskins offense, and is currently 10th in the NFL with 438 rushing yards.

Rosenfels believes Peterson has found a system in Washington that plays to his strengths after last season's rocky stints with New Orleans and Arizona. 

"If you want Adrian Peterson as your running back, you want that traditional, turn and hand the ball off to this guy and letting him run, letting him be the focal point of the offense, and Washington's doing that," said Rosenfels.

"He's extremely tough, he's tough to bring down, and he just has that incredible drive to try and get more yards."

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