Shawn Springs on Haskins' work ethic: 'Let that show on the field'

Chris Lingebach
April 07, 2020 - 4:24 pm

Ron Rivera's coaching staff on multiple occasions has publicly stated Dwayne Haskins needs to be in the building focusing on his craft.

Before the quarantine shut down virtually all of sports, Redskins offensive coordinator Scott Turner and Rivera both said as much.

But saying someone needs to work hard has opened critics up to question whether Haskins was doing so already. With the current information void, it's difficult to answer those questions.

So let's take it from former Redskins corner Shawn Springs, who's known Haskins from the time he was 11 years old. Springs was asked about Haskins' work ethic during a 106.7 The Fan appearance on Saturday.

"Do you find him to be a hard worker?" asked John-Paul Flaim.

"I think Dwayne knows that in order to be what he wants to accomplish – play 15 years in the NFL – that it doesn't come from not being a hard worker," Springs said. "So I tell every player, you can tell us you're a hard worker, but it'll show at some point."

"I think he knows everything it takes to go out there and make sure he's throwing all the time, going to make sure he's staying on top of his diet, his sleep, his body, and he's doing everything he needs. Now whether he is doing it all the time? I see him throwing and stuff, but I tell him, like, let that show on the field."

Springs says Haskins was originally supposed to play college ball at Maryland, but chose Ohio State once Randy Edsall departed from College Park. And wouldn't you know it? Springs says he got in Dan Snyder's ear about selecting Haskins in advance of the 2019 NFL Draft, where the Redskins eventually took him with the 15th overall pick.

"And then you know the story now. He got drafted to the Redskins. I might say I had a little bit of convincing. I twisted on Dan's arm just a little bit down at the owners' meetings trying to sell Dwayne. You know, he's been a top quarterback for a long time and now in the NFL it doesn't matter, you gotta go out there and earn it each year."