AWadd's quest for love goes international

April 06, 2019 - 12:11 pm

This past Thursday in the life of young Adam Epstein began just like any other weekday morning.

On this day, the video producer known as AWadd, got dressed, presumably after a night on the town, and went to work with The Sports Junkies

By 7:30 a.m. ET he already had a hankering for mozzarella sticks. 

But, this young man had another hankering on this Thursday morning in April. And for this hankering no amount of fried cheese could satisfiy.

Yes, young AWadd, the hero of this tale, and one of the five best looking men at 106.7 The Fan,  had a hankering for love.

Fortunately, there is someone in this universe for everyone. And The Junkies, leaving no stone unturned and no man left behind, had someone they knew young Adam had to meet.

Enter Gaynor Evans, a charming woman from North London and the person who may just end AWadd's long quest for love and companionship. 

The yin to his... er, yang. 

You see after Ms. Evans' most recent marriage ended, she began a new life. "With the demise of my second marriage I found that rather than stepping straight into another serious relationship as I had done before I would play the field," she wrote. "As luck would have it the ‘field’ was strewn with rather gorgeous toyboys."

Perhaps, on this Thursday morning in April, Cupid's arrow could now strike. (Unlike the Romanian model he was 'basically' dating, who then dumped him.)

"I make no apologies and I make no apologies for being a prolific cougar because it's a lifestyle choice and one I'm happy with," Ms. Evans told The Daily Mirror.

Distance may be working against these star-crossed lovers, but thankfully, that is just a minor hurdle in the age of the internet.

Yes, love at first sight might still strike, perchance when these two meet in person.

We must now wait, with bated breath, for love to fill the air.

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