Vinny Cerrato: I don't pay attention to Bruce Allen

Ben Krimmel
January 05, 2019 - 4:15 pm

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Former Redskins executive VP for Football Operations Vinny Cerrato told Chad Dukes Friday the Redskins should get a football guy to run the football side of the organization.

Cerrato also said he doesn't pay attention to the man who replaced him in Washington.

Dukes: Are you paying attention to the hullabaloo surrounding Bruce Allen down here with the Redskins?

Cerrato: I don't pay attention to Bruce.

Dukes: (Laughs).... The heat is unbelievably chaotic.

Cerrato: Rightfully so, right?

Allen, who succeeded Cerrato after his second stint with the Redskins ended in 2009, has become the target of much scorn from Redskins fans, especially on social media with the #FireBruceAllen hashtag

While it would be unwise for any team to make decisions based upon what is trending on social media, Cerrato points out it would also be unwise to continue to exasperate the fans.

"Perception a lot of times is reality," Cerrato said. "And your fan base is dwindling. And... they're the one's that pay the bills." 

"Dan (Snyder) has his reasons (to keep Allen), what they are," Cerrato said. "I'm sure it revolves around getting (a new) stadium."

He did say Snyder making a change on the football-side of things would make sense.  

"I would think let somebody that's a football guy run the football stuff for him," Cerrato said.

The door has closed on a possible third stint for Cerrato, however.

"No, I'm too involved with youth hockey," he said. 

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