WATCH: Election Day edition of 'Bet on Awadd' goes off the rails

Josh Luckenbaugh
November 06, 2018 - 10:59 am

In order to win tickets to a Caps game, Junkies callers Dan and Riley had to play a special Election Day edition of "Bet on Awadd" Tuesday.

The callers had to guess if Awadd would answer politics-related questions such as "How many senators are in the state of Virginia?" and "What is a filibuster?" correctly or incorrectly.

But as with most Awadd-related events, things quickly went off the rails.

Awadd came into The Junkies studio for the first segment of the game with a giant cut on his chin.

Why, you may ask? Awadd has taken it upon himself to "support men's health" as part of a Movember fundraiser.

Although, it appears his primary motivation is to raise more money than EB. 

And while hurriedly shaving his beard in the station bathroom, Awadd cut his face, hence the blood. Gotta commit to the bit, I suppose.

But for the second segment, Awadd returned with his face completely wrapped in gauze. 

Definitely not someone motivated by "attention dollars."

Awadd says he plans to vote because millennials are "the future of this country."

If this is the future of this country...oh dear.

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