The Buffalo returns to D.C., gets leg waxed to pay off bet

Ben Krimmel
May 16, 2019 - 1:28 pm

It was a painful Thursday morning for Wilson Ramos.

Back in D.C. with the New York Mets, Ramos stopped by the El Zol 107.9 studios to visit friends Patricia De Lima and Chepe, the hosts of "El Meneo." He also had a small debt to repay.

The ex-Nats catcher made a deal with De Lima: If she helped him get 100,000 followers on Instagram he would wax one of his legs.

And with his total at 100,439 and the Mets in Washington, it was go time for the Buffalo. 


Fortunately for Ramos, he was not named to the starting lineup for the Mets' Thursday afternoon game at Nats Park after playing the night before. So he has plenty of time to recover. 

(Watch the full experience below.)

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