Wizards 'war room' empty at start of NBA Draft

Brian Tinsman
June 21, 2018 - 9:53 pm

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports


In the last several years, photos of a team's top decision-makers in the draft "war room" have become part of every team's content plan across every professional league.

The premise behind the picture is simple: show that the people who you trust make good decisions are ready for action.

So, it was bizarre when the Washington Wizards posted a live look (clock on the wall and commissioner Adam Silver at the podium confirm this) of their war room, with no decision-makers in sight.

It's a ghost town in there:

It's entirely possible that all of the decision-makers are just to the left of the camera angle, but this is a questionable message to send to fans. Knock knock. Who's there? Nobody.

Bitter Wizards fans didn't miss a beat to poke fun at the team brass:



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