Awadd goes berzerk after getting rejected by Chris Cooley

Josh Luckenbaugh
October 18, 2018 - 9:28 am

Chris Cooley joined The Junkies in studio on Thursday morning, and after he was done, video producer Adam "Awadd" Epstein asked the former Redskins tight end if he'd film a video with him. 

Cooley declined the offer, and Awadd was NOT happy. 

Come for the Cooley insults (which begin around the nine-minute mark), stay for the enlightening discussion on Awadd's terrible hygiene.

Drab: Maybe there's a reason Chris Cooley didn't want to do a video with you. Maybe there's a reason he stayed 10 feet away from you, becaue the girls went up to him and said, "Stay away from that guy. He's creepy and he's got bad breath."

Awadd: Cooley's also lucky that Fred (Davis) hurt his ankle, or he would have took his spot two years earlier.

JP: What?!

Awadd: Fred Davis was the best athlete the Redskins ever drafted!

Well, that's certainly one take...

But hey, at least Awadd has one supporter!

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