LISTEN: Awadd plans to wear Sesame Street tee to big job interview!

Josh Luckenbaugh
April 17, 2019 - 8:56 am

Junkies video producer Adam 'Awadd' Epstein is running low on money (shocker), and Drab helped him land an interview Tuesday with Oscar Santana, who runs Podcast Village Studios in D.C.

But in typical Awadd fashion, his wardrobe choice was less than appropriate: a Sesame Street t-shirt that reads, "Sorry For Partying."

"The worst shirt you could possibly wear," said Drab. "I staked my entire reputation on this dumb idiot who's wearing a Big Bird shirt to a job interview."

However, Awadd says simply showing up will guarantee he's gonna land the gig.

"I'm Adam Epstein on the radio in D.C., I'm Awadd on the Junkies. I'm impressive enough," he told the Junkies. "Just showing up, I should be handed the job. I should be offered a raise within the first month of this job."

"I guarantee you (Santana) saw the best resume reel he's ever seen in his life. Sizzling like a hot pan!"

Best of luck with the interview, Awadd. You're really, really gonna need it.

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