Barry Trotz hopeful about future with Capitals

Chris Russell
June 14, 2018 - 11:32 am

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


Tuesday was a day to celebrate a championship. Wednesday was a day to talk about the hope and desire to do more and return, while also saying goodbye.

The first major summer storyline: Head Coach Barry Trotz's future in Washington.

"We'll get something done," Trotz told 106.7 The Fan when first asked after the championship parade on Tuesday

"I do want to be back. There's some things we have to work out," Trotz told reporters on Wednesday at Kettler Capitals Iceplex. "If we can get them worked out, there's no question."

Trotz mentioned his desire to keep his special needs son, Nolan, and his wife, Kim, from moving, which certainly helps the Capitals' cause. He did not mention money, but Trotz clearly has all the leverage and would likely want to get paid among the top coaches in the National Hockey League.

It's believed that Toronto's Mike Babcock makes more than $6 million per year. Chicago's Joel Quenneville, a three-time Stanley Cup champion, reportedly makes about the same.

A sneaky but very important issue is the composition of Trotz's coaching staff, specifically associate coach Todd Reirden's status.

Reirden was denied the opportunity to interview for head coaching opportunities last year. He's believed to have one year left on his deal, and there have been rumors of tension throughout the year over this situation.

"There’s a few issues that we have to go through," Trotz said when asked about his staff's status as it relates to his future.

General Manager Brian MacLellan also spoke to reporters about the situation and said "we're going to try" to get a deal done with Trotz, which was far from the confidence you would expect, but it's also realistic. "I talked to Barry this morning. I'll talk to ownership over the next week or so and we'll continue to discuss everything and see where it goes."

MacLellan revealed Reirden can now openly interview for head-coaching positions, but  only the Islanders currently have a vacancy.

He spent the last year knowing that the organization did not have complete faith in him. He knew his top assistant was poised to take over at any time, and was not allowed him to speak to anyone else. This may be a sticking point for Trotz even more than money or any other issue.

Trotz is not going to commit for several more years without a return commitment from the Caps, and it seems likely that having Reirden in the building could be a major sticking point.

Perhaps the Islanders could take that "problem" off Washington's hands and everyone can move on with some level of clarity.

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